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Video • January 29, 2016

5 Apps and Services for Long Distance Relationships

Improve your long distance relationship with these 5 apps and services

Being apart from your loved one can be, well, less than ideal. Help maintain a healthy and functional long distance relationship with these 5 apps and services.

INTRO: Hi, I’m Netted’s Ben Wagner, and this is Netted Does.

OPENLet’s set the scene: you and your sweetie are dining at a dimly lit Italian restaurant. You gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes, great food, great wine – then he tells you he took a job in Tucson… oof. Long distance relationships can be tough. Thankfully, we have a few tools to make your time apart a bit easier.

Couple: Let’s start with communication, Couple, an “app for two”, gives you and your mate an intimate space for all of your corresponding. Share audio, video, stickers, sync up your calendars, to-do lists, even touch your partner with their “thumb kiss” feature.

PalTalk [Sponsor]: If video chat is your preferred mode of communication, give PalTalk a go! With voice, text, and live group video chat across all devices, you can’t go wrong. Meet new people every day or stay in touch with your loved ones anywhere in the world. Pretty convenient and free to join!

Showgoers: Speaking of video, if you prefer to watch TV with your beloved you should really download Showgoers, a chrome extension that syncs up Netflix playback so you can both experience Cumberbatch cracking the case at the exact same moment.

LokLok: After you netflix and pass out, send a surprise to your partner with LokLok, a connected lock screen for Android. Download the app and sync with your honey’s. Whenever you draw something on your lock screen it instantly shows up on theirs. Cute, right?

Dreamdays (iOS link; Android link): And if distance makes the heart grow fonder I suppose anticipation does as well. Countdown the time to your next reunion with with Dreamdays, the uber popular, customizable countdown clock.

OUTRO: Parting can be such sweet sorrow. But hey, if Beyonce and J can conquer months apart so can you. Until next time. I’m Ben Wagner and this is Netted Does.