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Article • February 1, 2016

Snag This Valentine's Day Deal from The Bouqs

Get your Valentine's Day bouquets from The Bouqs and save 20%

SPONSORED | Does anything say “Happy Valentine’s Day” better than an overpriced bouquet of flowers that arrives half-wilted and discolored, and is dead by Feb. 15th?

Um… Yes. How about a bouquet that actually retains its vibrancy? Maybe one that ships straight from the farm and lasts way longer than your standard bouquets?

We’re talkin’ The Bouqs.

The Bouqs is all about getting you the best blossoms possible, at a great price, with the simplest online-ordering system around. Their flowers are delivered straight from the farm within 2-4 days of cutting (compared to 10-14 days with other services)—all at a flat rate with free shipping.

Plus, instead of waiting until the last minute and maxing out your credit card, order from The Bouqs now and get 20% off and free delivery with code VDAY20.

Hmmm. Expensive, dead flowers vs. affordable, vibrant, long-lasting blossoms?

The choice seems clear.