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Video • February 5, 2016

Compare Drug Prices and Save on Prescriptions

Find the best prices at local pharmacies with GoodRX

Welcome to cold and flu season. Prescriptions drugs can be expensive. With this app, you’ll know where to purchase your meds and see which pharmacies are overcharging.

INTRO: And what do you bid for this brand new jacuzzi? I’m gonna bid $1, Bob! Well, O.K. then. And the retail price is… well, you know, it kind of depends on where you buy it, what the market is like, if you have a coupon. It would be weird if Bob Barker said that but some industries really do work like that. Like pharmaceuticals. Drug prices vary wildly. That’s where GoodRX comes in.

GOODRX: Every week GoodRX collects all the prices and potential discounts from pharmacies and manufacturers on every FDA approved drug to get you the best prices in your area. Use their search function to compare prices on your prescriptions and you’ll see joe schmo pharmacy is charging sixty bucks for flonase when you could get it down the street for twelve.

OUTRO: Fun fact time: Did you know Bob Barker had a black belt in karate and trains with Walker, Texas Ranger, Chuck Norris? Talk about a showcase showdown.

CLOSE: And that’s your cheat code. Later guys.