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Article • February 17, 2016

Buy and Sell Cars from Your Desktop

Buy, sell, and get free delivery on pre-owned cars with Vroom

Honestly, who really enjoys haggling over price? Sometimes you have to do it: at livestock auctions, with street vendors, or at the stadium. But, you shouldn’t have to negotiate on used cars.

Take the stress and uncertainty out of car buying and selling with Vroom.

Search for a car, learn all the tiny details, and calculate the “out the door” costs (title, taxes, etc.) upfront. When you’re ready to buy, Vroom will ship your new car anywhere in the continental U.S. at no cost and let you test drive for 7 days. And if you’re looking to sell, Vroom will give you a guaranteed offer in minutes and pick up your ride for free.

Make me an offer I can’t refuse.