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Video • February 26, 2016

5 Apps for Buying and Saving with Mobile Wallets

Buy, sell, and save with these 5 mobile wallet apps

Paper cash: apparently still a thing. Who knew?! We live in an increasingly cashless world. Check out these 5 apps to get the most out of your mobile wallet.

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OPEN: What if Cameron Crowe had written Jerry Maguire in 2016 instead of ‘96. Instead of SHOW ME THE MONEY! Perhaps it would sound more like SHOW ME THE BLOCKCHAIN TRANSACTION!

The way we pay for things has changed a lot in the last twenty years. Thankfully we’ve got five mobile apps that make buying and saving in an increasingly cashless world a lot easier.

STOCARD: First up, loyalty cards: If you’re looking to clean out the ol’ billfold download Stocard to keep all those plastic rewards in one place. Just show your app at checkout and never again miss a deal. Bulky pocketbook: outta here.

WALLABY [SPONSOR]: Speaking of rewards, credit cards. Some earn you flights, others have low-fees or high interest rates. Bottom line: it’s difficult to know which card to use for different purchases. Wallaby takes care of the guess work. It shows you the best credit card to use with every purchase, helping you maximize rewards, minimize interest and save you money.

CIRCLE: Say you’re out to the movies and your buddy paid for the tickets, use Circle to instantly send them a few bucks. Unlike similar services, Circle doesn’t charge for international payments and transfers. Plus, users can pay or cash out in Bitcoin.

SHIFT: Speaking of cryptocurrency, let’s say you’re looking to spend some of that coin at establishments that perhaps aren’t set up for the digital currency. Shift is your answer. It’s a U.S. bitcoin debit card that connects to your Coinbase allowing you to spend at just about every merchant.

CHANGETIP: Spending is great but giving is too. ChangeTip makes it easy, allowing you to donate to anyone through your existing social networks. Sent a tweet and boom there’s your donation. And yes, you can also tip with Bitcoin.

The human head may weigh eight pounds but your wallet doesn’t have to.

OUTRO: I’m Ben Wagner and this is Netted Does.