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Article • February 29, 2016

Anonymously Share Life Experiences by Phone

Talk anonymously and get wake up calls with Wakie

Friends: there when you need them (also, an American TV sitcom from ‘94 to ‘04). But sometimes you just want to chat things out… anonymously.

Download Wakie, an app and community of people who anonymously give and receive advice by voice call. Sound a little strange? Well, it’s no doubt addictive.

Set a topic and get an anonymous, 5-minute max call in seconds from someone with a similar interest. Or pick up a call when someone sets a topic you’d like to discuss. Love life, travel, philosophical questions, you name it.

And if you’re someone who just needs a wake-up call, go ahead and schedule one. It’s like staying in a hotel every night (without the Gideon Bibles and small bars of soap).

You rang?