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Article • March 1, 2016

Buy Hand-Crafted Jewelry from Artisans in Developing Countries

Soko is a marketplace for authentic hand-crafted jewelry from Kenya

Jewelry: It’s shiny, expensive, and occasionally used in orthodonture. But can it make the world a better place?

Yes—thanks to Soko. It’s an online marketplace for handcrafted jewelry, all made by artisans in Kenya.

On the surface, Soko is like any other web store: You browse items and check out using PayPal. But unlike your average e-retailer, all of Soko’s products come from small workshops in underprivileged areas.

In addition, the pieces are made with sustainable materials, and Soko provides training and resources for each artisan as well.

So shop to your heart’s content—this bling goes toward a good cause.