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Article • March 2, 2016

Get the Best Sleep of Your Life Delivered in a Box

Get the best sleep of your life with a new mattress from Casper

SPONSORED || What kind of sleeper are you? Side sleeper? Back? Or maybe you’re one of those eccentric-types who sleeps with your feet on your pillow. You’re so wild.

Whatever your preferred position, your preferred mattress should be Casper.

The good people at Casper are all about engineering your perfect night of sleep. That’s why they’ve done extensive research and user testing to settle on the best possible way to design a mattress.

And they’ve succeeded: Casper mattresses are made from springy latex and high-density memory foams that conform to your body and keep you comfortable and cool all night.

Casper even cuts out the middleman to keep prices down and ships your mattress straight to you in a box. You get 100 nights to try it risk-free, and you’ll save $50 with code netted.

Sleep well, in any position.