Exchange Gift Cards for Cash - Netted
Video • March 4, 2016

Exchange Gift Cards for Cash

Buy, sell, and exchange your gift cards with Cardpool

Gift cards to random stores burning a hole in your pocketbook? We feel you. With this service, you can sell or trade gift cards for instant cash.  

INTROYou love your grandma. She’s sweet, brilliant, and she makes you meringues. Meringues! Unfortunately, she’s just not great at gift-giving. And while “so, so, so, so thoughtful nanna, thank you. I love it!” is what you will always respond that gift card to Chico’s is just not getting used.

CARDPOOL: That’s where Cardpool comes in. You can quickly sell or trade any gift card for fast, hard cash or an Amazon gift card. Just enter your card number and receive an instant quote. You get mileage out of grandma’s thoughtful gift and don’t have to dress like a Naples, Florida retiree.

OUTROSpeaking of Florida, fun fact time: In 1994, due to rampant counterfeiting of paper gift certificates, a Fort Lauderdale Blockbuster was the first vendor to popularize and sell gift cards. I think I may actually have outstanding late fees. Hmm…

CLOSE: Anyway, that’s your Cheat Code. Later guys.