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Video • March 11, 2016

5 Apps and Services for Wedding Planning

Plan and execute with ease on the big day with these 5 apps and services

Attending a wedding? Fun! Planning a wedding? Maybe a different story. Check out these 5 apps and services to make your wedding planning process easier.

INTRO: Hi, I’m Ben Wagner, and this is Netted Does.

OPEN: Weddings. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. Is that something people say? Basically, these things can be difficult to plan. Do I have to buy or do this cliché thing, why does my mother think it’s her wedding, why are David Tutera quotes running through my head?

Take a breath – we’ve got five tools to help you plan and execute on your big day.

THE KNOT (iOS and Android): For planning and just keeping it all together, start with The Knot Wedding Planner, from, you guessed it, theknot.com. Keep a checklist, explore venues, plus search and request quotes for vendors in the app.

RINGFINGER: You’re off to great start now time to get inspired. Hit up Ringfinger, a wedding blog aggregator that pulls together all the best stories, photos, and DIY-ness out there.

ZOLA: Now you’re deep into planning and it’s time to start the registry. Skip the traditional route and sign up with Zola, a registry that lets you combine hundreds of brands, set up cash funding for honeymoons, and my favorite, allows group gifting so your friends and family can split costs on larger gifts.

BOND: Speaking of gifts, you’re probably going to send out a few thank you notes. With Bond, you can upload your own handwriting and a robot will write your invites or thank yous in your penmanship. The future!

SPLITWISE: And if you’re fortunate enough to have financial help from your family and friends, keep track of everyone’s expenses with Splitwise, an app that automatically saves your receipts and lets you share bills and set up IOUs. Everyone’s happy.

And if none of these help just give my cousin Caroline a call. That woman will plan you the most tasteful soirée you’ve ever known.

OUTRO: I’m Ben Wagner and this is Netted Does.