Get Access to Airport Lounges Around the World - Netted
Video • March 18, 2016

Get Access to Airport Lounges Around the World

Search for and get access to airport lounges around the world with Loungebuddy

Flying soon? Make your time in the terminal a little more bearable with an app that’ll get you into airport lounges near you.

INTRO: It’d be nice if every airport visit went like the last scene in Love Actually—you’d run off the jetway and straight into the arms of your boo. But this isn’t the movies. Normally, you emerge from the plane tired, hungry, and possibly in need of a shower and a stiff drink.

LOUNGEBUDDY: Loungebuddy is your boo in these situations. It finds airport lounges where you can relax and freshen up when you need to.

The app tells you which lounges you have access to, and where you can get into for a fee. You can also enter your itinerary to plan out which lounges to hit as you bounce between airports.

OUTRO: Whatever happens, you’re better off than Tom Hanks in The Terminal, you know, the one about a guy who lives in an airport. A hot shower and a cocktail between flights? Yeah, I’d say you’ve got it pretty good.

CLOSE: And that’s your Cheat Code. Later, nerds!