Get Anything Insured with a Photo - Netted
Article • March 23, 2016

Get Anything Insured with a Photo

Take a photo and get insurance quotes on anything with Cover

You’re just walking along, chatting on the phone with Marge. Isn’t Marge just the best? All of a sudden your grip slips. Your device falls, hits pavement—and what do you know? Your screen is in 500 pieces.

For these situations, insurance is nice. And with Cover, getting anything insured just requires a photo.

Whether you’re looking for car or travel protection, or insurance for some precious family heirloom, Cover is the quickest way to get a quote. Snap a photo, enter a few details, and Cover instantly gets you the best rates from major providers. Quickly insure the things you care about and keep track of everything in the app.

Go forth and put that screen to the test.