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Video • April 1, 2016

Get Instant Karma with This App

Give the people who slight you a “nudge” to make things right

People are irritating, but now you can do something about it: Grab this app to harness the power of karma and remind them to act right. 

INTRO: It happens all the time: Someone cuts you off, bumps you on the sidewalk, orders chicken fingers at a sushi restaurant…

And what are you supposed to do? Just accept it and move on?

AVEN.GR: Of course not. Get, an app that lets you give people who slight you a friendly reminder to make things right.

Pull up the app, describe the incident and person involved, and choose from a list of “nudges” — like “eat half their lunch,” or “intercept their coffee order,” or “skew their Netflix preferences toward Nicolas Cage.” There’s even a premium option for “toe stubbing” – normally $5, but Netted readers get it free with our link below.

Choose a nudge, and a certified Avenger carries it out. Follow their progress on a map, and get notified when your person has been “nudged.”

OUTRO: Oh and remind your poultry-loving friend that in Japan, a chicken finger is chicken katsu.

CLOSE: And that’s your Cheat Code, later nerds!