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Article • April 4, 2016

Keep All Your Recipes in One Place

Add and store recipes, plan meals, and make shopping lists with Pepperplate

Family recipes are closely guarded secrets. So why is Aunt Mitzi’s mincemeat pie recipe from 1935 just sitting in your silverware drawer?

Upgrade your recipe storage with Pepperplate. It’s a comprehensive recipe app (iOS, Android, and more) that keeps all your kitchen info handy.

Unlike other food apps, Pepperplate doesn’t provide recipes: You input your own, either by transcribing them from paper (thanks Aunt Mitzi!) or adding them from around the web by pasting a URL.

But there’s more: Create menus for gatherings, plan meals on a calendar, and make shopping lists with one tap.

Voila—mincemeat pie lives on for future generations.