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Article • April 15, 2016

Switch to Wind Energy and Get a Sign-Up Bonus

Give your home the modern choice of clean power with Inspire

SPONSORED || In the words of Bob Dylan: “the answer is blowin’ in the wind.”

OK, he may not have been speaking about renewable energy, but hey… art is subjective. And wind is, indeed, the answer to your energy woes.

That’s why we’re psyched Inspire is making it a breeze (bad pun intended) for our homes to choose 100% wind power.

If you’re ever puzzled over how you can help drive the change to wind power, look no further than Inspire for your home or apartment. It takes 5 minutes to sign up, everything is handled online, and there’s no extra equipment or new wires to be installed. Inspire buys 100% clean power from sustainable wind farms in the US on your behalf.

Better yet, Netted readers get a $25 sign-up bonus just for becoming new members, plus 3% cash back after each year of service.

All that, and a lower carbon footprint? The Earth (and Dylan) thank you.