Book a Group Charter Bus - Netted
Video • April 15, 2016

Book a Group Charter Bus

Book, split costs, and share itinerary with Sharethebus

Booking a trip to a festival, sporting event, conference, or hackathon? Save some dough and easily book a chartered bus with this service.

INTRO: Are you taking a Greyhound down the Hudson River Line? Are you in a New York state of mind? Oh, you just need to get to an important event? Got it, cool.

SHARETHEBUS: Whether you’re headed to a college basketball game, a corporate off-site, or a music festival, consider booking transportation for your group outing with Sharethebus. Enter your destination, your dates, and pick your bus. The site will give you an instant quote and a unique link for your trip that you can use to collect payment and share your itinerary. Logistics nightmare avoided!

OUTRO: Fun fact time: In 1939 the color “school bus glossy yellow” was established as the universal bus color after research showed that peripheral vision for detecting yellows was considerably higher than for other colors. Science, man.

CLOSE: And that’s your cheat code: later guys.