Disable Your Phone's Voicemail - Netted
Video • April 29, 2016

Disable Your Phone's Voicemail

Shut down your voicemail and encourage contacts to text with No More Voicemail

Sick and tired of people leaving you voicemails? Disable your VM entirely with this service and force those people to text you like it’s the 21st century.

INTRO: Are you taking a Greyhound down the Hudson River Line? Are you in a New York state of mind? Oh, you just need to get to an important event? Got it, cool. It’s 1996 and you and your family are sitting around the dinner table. The phone rings and your mom says, “Leave it, if it’s that important they’ll leave a message.” Fast forward 20 years and here we are: screening every call and genuinely confused when someone leaves voicemail, let alone tries to contact you by phone. Eww.

No More Voicemail: Here’s the solution: Get the aptly named No More Voicemail. Simply download the app and in no time your Voicemail will be disabled (weirdly, not a feature on iPhone or Android) and all calls will ring until the caller gives up. War of attrition style. Their mantra seems to be: If it’s that important they’ll text you. I tend to agree.

OUTRO: Voicemail is weird. Just ask Jon Favreau’s character from Swingers.

CLOSE: That’s your cheat code: later guys.