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Article • May 2, 2016

App to Lower Your Bills

Let Billshark negotiate lower rates on your utilities and subscriptions

It’s Friday night. Why don’t you slip into something comfortable, open a bottle of wine, and hop on a 45-minute call with your cable provider?

Oh sorry. Is that not your idea of fun? OK then, let someone else negotiate your bills instead with Billshark.

Use Billshark (website and app) to upload a photo of most any bill (cable, Internet, phone…) and a “Billshark” goes to work. Billshark claims an 85% success rate and only makes money when you save money. Within 3-5 days (or in our case, 24 hours) you’ll receive a personalized notification about how much you saved and an invoice for a percentage of your profit.

What do you have to lose?