Best Apps for Bike Riding - Netted
Video • May 6, 2016

Best Apps for Bike Riding

Find a bike, navigate, and more with these 5 apps, sites, and products

Things we love about biking: riding no hands, traveling pollution-free, bike shorts, and these 5 apps and products that make riding even more awesome.

INTRO: Hey, I’m Michael Charboneau, and this is Netted Does.

OPEN: Apparently riding a bike, like your favorite episode of 30 Rock, is something you never forget. So you know how to pedal, but what about locating a bike, tricking it out, and finding your way around? We’ve got five tools to help you do that and more.

SPOTCYCLE: First thing’s first—you need a bike. Spotcycle shows you the locations of bikeshare stations in cities around the world, so whether you’re exploring Paris or commuting in Seattle, you can do it on two wheels.

COMPETITIVE CYCLIST: Or maybe you’re the type who treats every ride like the Tour de France. You’re not afraid of potholes or spandex, which is why the website Competitive Cyclist is perfect for you—browse bikes, bike parts, and cycling apparel to soup up your ride, and your look.

BIKE MAPS: But don’t get lost out there: Get the Bike Maps app to download PDF versions of city bike maps, so you can make sure Google is routing you on a bike lane, and not a six-lane highway.

STRAVA: OK hardcore cyclists, here’s another one for you: Try out Strava, one of our favorite biking apps. You can use it to track your rides, build routes, and compare stats with other riders using the app. Think you’re the fastest? Now you can actually find out.

BITLOCK: Fast or not, there are two ways to end your biking career: Breaking your legs, and losing your bike. You can at least keep your ride secure with a Bitlock, a connected bike lock that you (and others who have your permission) can lock and unlock with an app.

And remember, the only acceptable time to wear bike shorts is when you’re out riding. Not in the gym, and not in the office.

CLOSE: I’m Michael Charboneau, and this is Netted Does.