Virtually Try On Clothing - Netted
Article • May 16, 2016

Virtually Try On Clothing

See what clothing from e-retailers looks like on your body with Pictofit

Your sister Diane loves shopping for clothes online. Who doesn’t? But, she’s always griping that she “loves this jacket” but “isn’t sure what it’ll look like in person.”

Omg, Diane. Enough. Just see how clothes look on your body virtually with Pictofit.

Upload a clear photo of yourself and trace the outline of your body. Then, navigate to any item of clothing you see online and add it to your lineup of outfits. Click on a piece to virtually “try on.”

You can also take photos of clothing from your existing closet and add them to your lineup for mixing, matching, saving for later, or sharing with friends.

Shop on, Diane.