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Article • May 19, 2016

Get 3D-Printed Custom Insoles

Snap photos and get custom 3D-printed orthotics from SOLS

Your colleague is a standing desk evangelist… aaand also loves to complain about her sore feet.

There’s a solution afoot for Janet: Tell her to snap a few photos of her aching feet and get custom 3D-printed orthotics from SOLS.

Custom orthotics used to require a trip to the podiatrist and ran you a pretty penny. With SOLS, you download an iOS app, take a few photos, select a couple preferences, and bam: You’ll be shipped affordable and made-to-order orthotics in about a week.

Plus, Netted readers get $10 off ExoSols at checkout with promo code WEBBYS (code expired).

Janet isn’t the only one standing now.