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Video • May 20, 2016

Best Apps and Products for Gardening

Get your garden in top shape with these 5 apps and products

How can you clear your head, get your hands dirty, and eat for cheap? Start cultivating your home garden and use these 5 apps and products to keep everything in check.

INTRO: I’m Ben Wagner and this is Netted Does.

OPEN: Nothing screams Springtime like the arrival of new flowers, plants, and produce. I’m lookin’ at you tomatoes. For the green thumbs among us, we’ve got five picks to help you clear those weeds and get your garden in top shape.

LIKETHAT GARDEN: First, in planning this season’s garden, take guesswork out of the equation with flower identification app LikeThat Garden. Stop asking: is it a tulips or a crocus? Snap a photo when you see a plant you love and let the app’s image recognition technology tell you exactly what you’re looking at.

MOON & GARDEN: Next, for those who casually throw around the term Biodynamics, check out Moon & Garden for Android. This app will tell you how to organically manage all the plants in your garden and track growth cycles based on the lunar calendar.

EDYN: If planting and pruning by the moon isn’t “precise” enough for you, grab the Edyn Garden Sensor. This adorable connected sensor sticks right into your soil, continuously monitors conditions, offers real-time advice based on what you’re growing, and even tells you when and how much to water.

COMPOST WORKS: You feeling confident now? Ok, download Compost Works, an app that simplifies the often-intimidating act of composting. Add the items that you’re using to compost. The app will tell you the carbon and nitrogen ratios of your “heap” and whether you need to add more green or brown items.

HARVEST: And if it turns out your ramps were eaten by a squirrel, you still always have the farmer’s market at your disposal. Use Harvest on your next market visit to see what’s in season, tip and tricks for selecting different types of produce, and current pesticide levels.

Twelve dollar cold pressed juice can be real tasty. But growing three dozen bunches of kale for  like a nickel… now that’s satisfying.

CLOSE: I’m Ben Wagner and this is Netted Does.