Manage Your Inbox without an Internet Connection - Netted
Video • May 27, 2016

Manage Your Inbox without an Internet Connection

Gmail Offline lets you sort, delete, create replies, and more with no Wi-Fi

You’ve officially run out of excuses for an unkempt inbox: Now you don’t even need Wi-Fi to manage emails, thanks to this Chrome extension.

INTRO: Going off the grid can be great—like moving to South Africa to study elephants—or not so great, like being trapped on a subway for two hours.

GMAIL OFFLINE: Whether you’re off the grid on purpose or just stuck without a signal, Gmail Offline will let you keep your inbox organized.

Install this Chrome extension, load Gmail before going offline, and then manage your emails as you normally would—read, sort, create replies and more. Then, update it when you’re back online, and you’re good to go.

OUTRO: And if you want to leave home but still stay connected, head to the Norwegian island of Svalbard, which has the fastest Internet connection on earth. But you also have to love freezing cold and eat seal meat all the time. Your choice.

CLOSE: Anyway, that’s your cheat code. Later nerds!