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Article • June 1, 2016

Catch Up on Big Freedia on the Fuse App

Catch up on Big Freedia on the Fuse app before Season 5 premieres

SPONSORED || Something big is about to happen.

Nope, we don’t mean the start of summer… nor that big nap you’ve been gearing up for since you woke up.

We’re talking about the newest season of Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce, premiering on Wednesday, June 8. If the Season 5 trailer (which you can watch on the iOS app or Android app) is any indication, you’re in for many LOL moments, a whole lotta drama, and maybe even a plotline involving another Queen who goes by the name of Bey.

Whether you’ve been a fan of Big Freedia from the beginning or are just getting started, you can binge-watch Seasons 1-4 exclusively on the Fuse TV app. You’ll also find her exclusive music video “I Heard,” behind-the-scenes footage, and more.

The app has other cool features too, like a watchlist, a schedule that syncs with your calendar, and more.

It’s like having the best TV ever right in your pocket.

That’s big.