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Video • June 10, 2016

Best Apps and Websites for Making an App

Make the next great mobile app with these 5 tools

How do you go from good idea to next great mobile app? With the best tools, of course. Check out these 5 apps and sites to take your app from idea to real-deal company.

INTRO: I’m Ben Wagner and this is Netted Does.

OPEN: You have the perfect new business idea: an app that with one push lets you harness all the swagger of Beyonce (#lemonade). Yeah, amazing idea. But how do you start with building that?

We have 5 tools to help you make the next great mobile application.

SWIFTY: First up, download the iOS app Swifty to start learning to code in Swift, Apple’s mobile programming language. Swifty offers over 200 bite-sized lessons and the first three chapters are free. An iOS app to learn how to build an iOS app. So meta.

WEEBLY [PARTNER TIP]: Now that your project is taking off, it’s time to build a website that’ll help you stand out. For that, we recommend Weebly. Weebly has countless bold themes to choose from, custom domain names, and intuitive drag and drop tools to help you get your site live in minutes. You can even edit and manage your site on the go with Weebly’s mobile apps.

NOODLIO: You’ve got the basics, now it’s time to start tweaking. Visit Noodlio, a marketplace for developers and designers to buy and sell app templates, components, themes and more. Want to add the Tinder swipe left/swipe right UI to your app? You can find that on Noodlio. I love that name, Noodlio.

TAILOR BRANDS: Once you’ve finished building your app you may want to think about branding. Tailor Brands is your solution for truly custom and affordable logo design. Answer a handful of questions, and in minutes you’ll be making final tweaks on a unique logo.

PUSH FOR PRESS: And when your new biz is ready to launch, announce your market entry with Push for Press. Just select the publishers you wish to send your pitch to, write your pitch in the text box, and send. GQ, TechCrunch, and the LA times just got an email from you.

Now simply remove all the vowels from your proposed company name and baby you’re in business.

CLOSE: I’m Ben Wagner and this is Netted Does.