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Article • June 16, 2016

Pay Much Less for Car Insurance

Get pay-per-mile car insurance and save with Metromile

SPONSORED || You’re a versatile commuter. You like to mix it up: Car. Subway. Bike. Those annoying wheely sneakers.

That’s great. What’s not great is that you’re overpaying to insure a car that mostly stays in park.

Enter Metromile: the savior for urban commuters.

Metromile gets that city dwellers drive less. So they came up with a pay-as-you-go insurance model. You just pay a small monthly fee, plus a few cents per mile thereafter—for full coverage.

The result? Big savings. Metromile users save $400-500 annually, on average.

Simply sign up and Metromile sends you a Metromile Pulse—a small wireless device that plugs into your dashboard. Not only will it track your miles, but it connects with an app that monitors everything from your car’s health to where you parked to the best routes to save on gas. (So, more money saved.)

And just like that, you’ve mastered commuting.