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Video • June 17, 2016

Get Documents Notarized with an App

Notarize any document from your iPhone or desktop 24/7 with Notarize

Why do we still need paper documents to be stamped by special people with special stamps? Notarize any document from your iPhone or desktop 24/7 for just $25.

INTRO: Some things in life are just unnecessary. Like paying for cable, Guns N’ Roses reunion tours or, taking calculus. There are other things, however, that are necessary evils, like getting something notarized.

NOTARIZE: For that we have a solution: download Notarize for iOS or visit to get any document notorized, 24/7 for just twenty-five dollars. Simply, upload your document, an ID, and connect over live video with a notary to confirm your signature. Aaand you’re good to go. For real, you’re done.

OUTRO: Fun fact: According to the National Notary Association, the origins of Notaries can be traced back to ancient Egypt, we’re talkin’ twenty-seven hundred B.C.. Cleopatra would totally use this app.

CLOSE: That’s your cheat codes. Later guys.