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Video • June 24, 2016

Enjoy the Beach with These 5 Apps and Sites

Get fit, rent a boat, find friends, and more with these 5 apps and sites for the beach

Being at work in the summer is great soul-crushing. You need to get to the beach, and quick. These 5 apps and sites will help you get the most out of your time there.

INTRO: Hi, I’m Michael Charboneau, and this is Netted Does.

OPEN: It’s either sopping wet or so hot it burns your skin. It gets into everything, makes you itchy, and yet we love it—yeah, I’m talking about the beach. Beach season has arrived, so grab your lounge chair and peep these 5 apps and sites to enjoy your time by the water.

WORKOUT TRAINER: Leo DiCaprio can rock a dad bod at the beach because he’s, well, Leo DiCaprio. For the rest of us there’s Workout Trainer: Get in shape with video guides and a workout plan tailored to your schedule, and wear that Speedo with pride.

UV RADIATION NOW: The dangers of the beach are many: the aforementioned hot sand, hungry sharks, and the most fearsome of all, the sun. Avoid sunburn with UV Radiation Now, an app that shows the UV levels in your area so you can slather on the right amount of sunblock.

SURFLINE: Once you’re lathered up, it’s time to get in the water and wash it all off. But if you’re heading out with your surfboard, be sure to check Surfline for surf reports at beaches around the globe before you dive in.

BOATBOUND: Or maybe you prefer to be on the water rather than in it. No problem—head to Boatbound to rent a boat for fishing, sailing, or just hanging out. Rent one with a captain, or take one out on your own for a real adventure.

ZENLY: A beach trip is best with friends, except when you get separated and spend the rest of the day trying to find them. Keep track of your crew with Zenly, an app that lets you share your location and see where your friends are. You can even order an Uber to bring you to them, if you really get lost.

CLOSE: Now crack open a beer and get to it—you should already have your base tan by now.