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Video • July 1, 2016

Use Your Phone as a Mouse for Your Computer

Get Remote Mouse to use your phone as a mobile trackpad for your computer

You use your computer. You use your phone. Now you can use your phone as a mobile mouse to control your computer with this suite of apps.

INTRO: We all know working remotely is great. You get to stay home, wear pajamas, eat that family size bag of chips you’ve been saving—fantastic. Now you’ll really love this: What if you could use your mouse remotely, too? Yeah, I mean control your cursor while away from your desk, lying in bed, wherever.

REMOTE MOUSE: Grab Remote Mouse for that. It works on Mac and Windows, and it turns your phone into a mobile trackpad that you can use with your computer. Download the apps, connect your devices over Wi-Fi, and then point, click, scroll and highlight to your heart’s content.

OUTRO: Oh, and here’s a fun fact for you: An early predecessor of the mouse used a bowling ball to track movement. So be happy you don’t have to lug one of those around with your laptop.

CLOSE: And that’s your Cheat Code. Later nerds!