Send and Track Secure Gmail Attachments - Netted
Video • July 8, 2016

Send and Track Secure Gmail Attachments

Digify lets you limit access to your attachments and track them right from Gmail

Sending email attachments is an uncertain business. Did your recipient print it? Pass it on? Did they even open it? Find out with this Chrome extension.

INTRO: OK pop quiz: What’s the safest way to share a secure document? a.) bake your message into a cake. Or b.) send it via carrier pigeon.

DIGIFY: OK neither, because both of those are bizarre. But if you’re looking for something safer than a regular attachment, check out Digify. It’s a Chrome extension and app that works with Gmail, and lets you upload attachments and determine who can see them, and for how long.

Just click the Digify button while composing a message, pick your file, and send. Once sent, you can revoke access any time and see when your recipient has opened the file.

OUTRO: And for everything else, that cake idea should work just fine.

CLOSE: That’s your Cheat Code, later nerds!