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Video • July 22, 2016

Make Your Home Smart with These 5 Apps and Products

These 5 apps and products will give you more control over your space and save you money, too.

We all want to be our best selves. Turns out your house does too: Grab these 5 apps and products to make your home more efficient, functional, and cost-effective.

INTRO: Hi, I’m Michael Charboneau, and this is Netted Does.

OPEN: Take a look at your house. What do you see? Lots of bricks and metal, and you’re cat’s hiding in there somewhere. Not a whole lot of high tech. But that’s ok—we’ve rounded up 5 picks that’ll transform those bricks into something smart.

FLIC: You’ve always wanted to press a button to make cool stuff happen, so get a Flic button: It connects with an app to do everything from sending messages and playing music to controlling other devices. Link it to If This Then That, and you can really unleash its magic.

EVE ENERGY PLUG [SPONSOR]: Speaking of magic, how about controlling your home with just your voice? Grab an Eve Energy plug to do just that. Plug anything into it and turn your devices on and off by simply talking to Siri or from an app. Plus it monitors your energy consumption and even gives you a projection on your energy cost. If you have an Apple TV, all of this even works away from home.

TRIBY: And when you are home, you’re usually in the kitchen. That’s what makes Triby so nice: Slap this digital media center on your fridge to make hands-free calls, stream Spotify, and even receive doodles through the Triby app. It also works with Amazon’s Alexa bot for a whole range of voice commands. Plus, Netted readers get 25% off with code NETTED25 through August 7th. (code expired!)

STACK: Edison’s light bulb is over a century old, so it’s time for an update. And that update is Stack: These lights automatically dim and brighten based on the amount of light in your space, and change color throughout the day to match your Circadian rhythm. That’s right, a lightbulb that senses your sleep schedule. You know you want that, especially since Netted readers get 10% off with code NETTED10 through July 31st. (code expired!)

SORTLY: Or maybe your problem is that you have too much stuff. Download Sortly to make a photo catalog of all your items and sync it with Evernote. Pay 8 bucks for the premium version, and you can print out QR codes to sort your items just by scanning them.

CLOSE: Ah! So that’s where the cat went. I’m Michael Charboneau, and this is Netted Does.