Privacy - Disposable Credit Card Extension | Netted
Video • July 29, 2016

How to Use a New Credit Card for Every Transaction

Protect yourself with single-use credit cards from Privacy

Shut it down. Minimize the chance of your card info being stolen and use this app to generate a new, virtual credit card for every online purchase.

INTRO: You know what’s just the best? Like one of my favorite past times? Not getting my credit card info stolen.

PRIVACY: For that, I use Privacy, a browser extension and iOS app that acts like a VPN, giving you a new virtual credit card for every online transaction. Just sync up your bank account and let Privacy auto-fill your payment info during checkout. You can link your virtual credit cards to single merchants, like just for Netflix or Twitch, or set up as one time use. You know what that means? No more forgetting to cancel those 30 day free trials and accidentally signing up for a long term subscription. [Note: Sign up today with early access code: NETTED.]

OUTRO: Fun fact time: Speaking of free trials, I currently have six floppy disks at my apartment, each with 50 free hours of America Online for Windows. Hit me up with your best offers.

CLOSE: And that’s your cheat code. Later, people.