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Article • August 11, 2016

Solve Problems Visually with This Software

Take Lucidchart's flowchart and diagram software for a free spin (SPONSORED)

PARTNER TIP || You’ve got a tough work problem. Do you solve it by, a.) banging your head against the wall; b.) scribbling WHYYYY repeatedly in your notebook; or c.) taking it to the whiteboard?

If you answered A or B… we’re worried. If C, great. You’re going to love Lucidchart.

Lucidchart is the modern savior for visual thinkers in the workplace, whether you’re in IT, sales, marketing, etc. This flowchart and diagram software helps you visualize ideas and processes, bringing clarity to confusion—and joy to pain. It’s an essential, collaborative tool for creating org charts, diagrams, mind maps, and more. (Check out the template library for examples.)

Unlike your whiteboard, Lucidchart is super intuitive and hooks into tools you’re already using. Think: Slack, Google Apps, Office 365. It’s also free to try—no credit card required.

Make work easier and give your aching head a break. Take Lucidchart for a free spin today.