Switch to Wind Energy in Under 3 Minutes - Netted
Article • August 17, 2016

Switch to Wind Energy in Under 3 Minutes

Switch to clean energy for free in under 3 minutes with Arcadia Power (SPONSORED)

SPONSORED || Psst. Got two minutes to help change the world real quick?

Yeah? Great. Meet Arcadia: the company making it crazy easy for you to access clean energy for free.

Here’s the deal: You’re already paying an energy bill, right? With Arcadia, you’ll pay that same bill but for clean energy instead of gross fossil fuels.

Just take two minutes to sign-up. Arcadia does the rest. It monitors your consumption through your local utility and buys power from wind farms to match 50% of your energy—costing you zero extra dollars. (If you want 100% wind, that’ll cost just a few bucks more/month on average.)

You’ll also get to track your usage and positive impact on a personalized dashboard. Plus, as a Netted reader you’ll get $5 off your next utility bill—and for every person you refer, an additional $25 off.

Pocketing extra bucks while helping the world? Yeah, that’s a no brainer.