How to Manage and Generate Citations Automatically - Netted
Video • August 19, 2016

How to Manage and Generate Citations Automatically

Collect and automate references for bibliographies with RefME

Who said what, when, why, huh? Crediting your sources for research papers is crucial. But managing it all can be a real pain. Check out this application for automatically creating/formatting a reference page.

INTROOh college. I look back on you so wistfully. Playing intramural squash, drinking lots of, let’s call it “orange juice,” and trying to comprehend literally anything Heidegger wrote.

REFME: One thing I do not in fact look back on with nostalgia: bibliographies. Thankfully, nowadays you can use RefME. RefME helps you manage all of your research material and create citations. Use the apps to scan book barcodes, use the chrome extension to add and format sources, even hook up with Word or Evernote to make the citation process seamless.

OUTRO: Fun fact time: The International Standard Book Number system or ISBN was developed by a trinity college professor named Gordon Foster, a man who during WWII was recruited by MI6 to work as a code-breaker.

CLOSE: And that’s your cheat code. Later friends.