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Article • August 25, 2016

Join a Fitness and Nutrition Program Online

Join Kenzai to get in the best shape of your life in 90 days (SPONSORED)

SPONSORED || We’ve all been there: Psyched about a fitness routine, sure this is the one… only to abandon it faster than we can say bilateral squats.

Lots of workouts and diets aren’t built to last. Then there’s Kenzai: an online wellness platform that works. Like, really.

Kenzai hooks you up with a dashboard and a daily, step-by-step workout you can do anywhere; plus a weekly meal plan based on your body.

It also hooks you up with real people. With its 90-day program, you’re connected with a professional nutritionist and trainer, and a supportive community, that keep you motivated and on track.

The results are clear: Thousands have completed the program (Kenzai has a whopping 93% completion rate). And 96% of members say it’s the best program they’ve ever done. (Many have even come back as investors.)

Try it free for 14 days. If you love it (you will), save $100* on the 90-day program with code NETTED.

Get psyched.

*Use code NETTED here to sign up for Kenzai’s 90-day program for a one-time fee of $495 (standard price is $597). Offer is not applicable to payment installments. Code expires 9/30/16.