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Article • August 31, 2016

Launch a Beautiful, Powerful Website with Ease

Power your website with WP Engine and get one month free with our code (SPONSORED)

SPONSORED || Things you’ve been meaning to do: Clean out your closet. Wash your windows. Start a blog to vent about your messy closet/inability to see outside.

Or maybe it’s a blog or website about something else. Regardless, when launching a site of any kind, your first stop should be WP Engine.

WP Engine is way more than a hosting service for WordPress sites. It’s a 24/7 guardian, whether for your blog, your site for your business, etc.

That’s because WP Engine takes care of everything—automatic updates, daily site backups, security scans—so you can focus on content. They also have an award-winning customer support staff in Texas, available around the clock. (No wonder WP Engine supports 350K sites.)

Pricing starts at $29/month, but code Netted gets you 1 month free on Personal, Professional, and Business plans.

Your to-do list just got shorter.