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Article • September 7, 2016

This Connected Scale Helps with Your Weight-Loss Goals

Upgrade your scale with Body by Withings and save 15% (SPONSORED)

SPONSORED || On a scale from 1-10… how much do you loathe and fear your scale?

Stop having a shame-based relationship with your scale and check out the Body scale, by Withings.

Unlike your at-home scale (that you keep trying to lose by kicking under the fridge), Body gives you a holistic sense of your… well… body. It shows you everything that goes into your weight, including muscle and fat mass, water, and bone density.

Plus, as a connected scale, Body syncs with the Health Mate app—and 100+ other fitness/health trackers—to record weigh-ins so you can observe and respond to your weight fluctuations. If you set weight loss goals, Health Mate and Body also work in tandem to help you count calories by considering your daily activity and recorded weigh-ins.

All of this amounts to a superb scale that encourages a healthy relationship between you and your body.

No fear, no loathing.