Sleep Well with a Mattress and Pillow from Casper - Netted
Article • September 15, 2016

Sleep Well with a Mattress and Pillow from Casper

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SPONSORED || Summer can really tucker you out. All that heat and humidity, all that smiling from the extra Vitamin D… it’s exhausting.

If you’re ready to enter hibernation-mode, do it with a new mattress from Casper.

Casper isn’t like other mattresses. For starters, it arrives in a small box. (And if you’ve never seen a mattress come out of a small box before, you haven’t quite lived.)

Secondly, Casper only offers one type of mattress. Why? Because it’s literally perfect. These mattresses are made from springy latex and high-density memory foam and were specifically (and successfully) engineered to be the perfect sleeping surface.

Throw in a crazy comfortable Casper pillow—which is really two pillows in one—and you might sleep straight through Thanksgiving.

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Tis the season to hibernate. Do it comfortably.