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Video • September 16, 2016

Get Affordable and Personal Legal Advice

Get free fixed-fee quotes from attorneys with Should I Sign

So, you have a super important document and you’re not sure if you should sign or not. You and us both! Before putting pen to paper, check out this website to get legal advice and request quotes from attorneys in minutes.

INTRO: You’ve just been chosen as the newest cast member of this season’s Real World. Hell. Yes. Time to sign your dignity away and start the filming. Stop being polite and start getting real: you don’t know the first thing about legalese.

SHOULD I SIGNWhy don’t you first clear that contract with Should I Sign, a website that provides affordable and quick quotes from vetted attorneys. Just post your request and get fixed-fee quotes from multiple lawyers. Then, simply select the expert who works best and start talking. Real estate, employment, IP, you name it. [Update: Should I Sign now offers free boilerplate contracts and legal docs for download. Check them out here.]

OUTRO: Fun fact time: Everyone’s favorite attorney and Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, or Notorious RBG, attended Harvard Law in 1956 where she was one of nine women in a class of about 500. Yeah…

CLOSE: And that’s your cheat codes. Later guys.