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Article • September 28, 2016

Get Three Easy-to-Make Meals Weekly

Skip the grocery store and get 3 meals free (SPONSORED)

SPONSORED || You had every intention of starting a good routine last week. Grocery shopping, cooking meals, the whole nine.

And what happened? You ate pizza every night instead.

When it comes to eating, sometimes you just need to do what’s easiest. Fortunately with Sun Basket, easy and healthy go hand-in-hand. This service ships non-GMO, organic produce, and sustainably sourced meats and fish for nutritious 30-minute recipes designed for minimal cleanup.

That includes gluten-free, vegetarian, and paleo options; plus, breakfasts.

The result is mouth-watering meals like green curry shrimp with pan-seared bok choy (yum), fried eggs with spinach and romesco (yes please), and more. All recipes are even approved by Sun Basket’s in-house nutritionist.

No grocery shopping necessary: Just choose from 12 recipes to get a weekly delivery of 3 meals for 2 or 4 people. Plus, join today with our link and you’ll get 3 free meals with your first purchase.

Drop that slice.