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Video • October 7, 2016

Live a Healthy Lifestyle with These Tools

From what you eat to how you sleep, these picks will help you stay healthy

Trying to live healthy? Put down the tofu; pick up your phone: These apps and services will be your guide to a healthy lifestyle.

INTRO: Hi, I’m Michael Charboneau, and this is Netted Does.

OPEN: The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are pretty obvious—looking good and feeling great. But potato chips so easily accessible, and proper diet and exercise are so un-fun. Fortunately, there’s help: These tools will help you build good routines for living healthy, one step at a time.

MEALBOARD: Maybe you have a personal chef. If you do, turn this video off, because you’re already living your best life. For the rest of us, MealBoard for iOS is the place to go for all your meals—plan out what you’re eating, import recipes, and get a grocery list in just a few taps.

CRUNCH GYM (SPONSORED): Hey, remember summer? Yeah, it was that period of months you spent binging on margaritas and barbecue. But don’t feel bad: You can still get back in shape with ease, and without judgment, at Crunch Gym. Crunch has the best classes you won’t find anywhere else, with pretty amazing names: like “Hard Knocks,” “Cycle Karaoke,” and lots more. You can also work one-on-one with a trainer, or just enjoy a solo workout at a Crunch facility in cities across the globe. PLUS, you’ll get a 5-day guest pass and a free personal training session by signing up at

HUMAN: But you won’t get the most out of your workouts unless you track them. Human is one of our favorite fitness trackers: It uses your location to show you who else is exercising around you and create a leaderboard of stats, so you can see how you stack up, and get motivated to go, literally, the extra mile.

DOWN DOG: Post-workout, you need to stretch, and there’s no better way to do it than yoga. Break out your spandex and let Down Dog be your guide—it gives you a randomized session every time you use it, so you’ll never get bored running through the same routines.

PILLOW: And after all that exercise, make sure you get your rest. For that, try Pillow—put your phone on your bed as you snooze, and the app tracks your sleep cycles and gently wakes you at the optimal time, so you wake feeling refreshed, not groggy.

CLOSE: Now put down the chips and eat a vegetable. Your life is about to change.

I’m Michael Charboneau, and this is Netted Does.