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Article • October 24, 2016

Track Activity and Join Fitness Challenges

Get fit with workout and training app Fitso

You spent the weeks of summer watching Stranger Things and drinking rosé. Join the club. Here’s another club to join: the OK-it’s-really-time-to-get-off-the-couch-now club.

Get moving again and stay motivated with activity tracker and instructional fitness app Fitso (for iOS and Android).

Fitso is a one-stop shop. Choose your goal (e.g., “weight loss” or “train for a race”), share some info about yourself, and Fitso sets you up with a schedule and a series of instructional video workouts. You can track your rides and runs, participate in group challenges, factor in your meals, and more.

And for those looking for extra motivation, you can even hire a coach to work with through the app on a weekly or monthly basis.

All that and no membership dues.