Visualize Your Life One Week at a Time - Netted
Article • October 25, 2016

Visualize Your Life One Week at a Time

Reflect on your weeks with visual calendar app Life Calendar

“Siri, what do I have going on today?” “Alexa, remind me to stop spending money on useless things.” “Cortana, help me!” Yeah, for scheduling and reminders, there are plenty of options.

But for visualizing your life week-to-week, we want to call attention to one: Life Calendar (for iOS and Android).

Life Calendar encourages you to look past your schedule and log your thoughts on the past week. Each week is symbolized with a box and a color of your choosing. Perhaps green means “busy week,” blue means “relaxing week,” red means “SOS! HORRIFYING WEEK!”—and so on and so forth.

Google: Take me to Life Calendar.