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Article • November 15, 2016

Get At-Home Lab Tests and Results Online

Get easy-to-use at-home lab-testing kits from EverlyWell and save 15% (SPONSORED)

SPONSORED || Hmm there’s that gurgling in your stomach. And you haven’t quite slept in a week. Oh and those hives…

You could be doing a better job of staying in touch with your body. And getting tests to monitor your wellness is crucial to chronic-illness prevention. But who has time or money to spend on getting lab tests?

Take charge with EverlyWell. They provide physician-approved, at-home lab-testing kits.

Choose from custom panels, including, Cardiovascular, Fertility and Women’s Hormones, Men’s Health, Metabolism, Sleep & Stress, Food Sensitivity, etc. EverlyWell sends you a kit with simple instructions. Take a sample, send it back, and from there you’ll be able to see your results in an easy-to-read online dashboard (read: no hounding your physician’s office).

Kits start at $79 (and are covered by Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts) but you get 15% off from now through 11/30 with code: netted15.

Get well, and stay well, soon.