Shift - All-in-One Gmail Accounts App | Netted
Article • February 22, 2017

Access Your Google Drives, Inboxes, and Calendars in One Window

Get Shift to switch between accounts and use all your Google tools with a click

Like noise-canceling headphones or Bagel Wednesdays, Shift makes work so much better.

Here’s why: It’s a desktop app (Mac, Windows, and Linux) that allows you to access all your Google accounts and seamlessly move between inboxes, calendars, and drives—in the same window.

Link your accounts to get started. After that, Shift is crazy simple: Click buttons on the right side of the window to switch between accounts, and click buttons across the top to switch between tools. Everything else is familiar—Gmail, Google Drive, and Calendar look and function the same, but instead of being spread out across multiple browser tabs, they’re all in one place. Oh, and you get desktop notifications too.

The free version is capped at two email accounts, but the Pro version ($19.99/year) has unlimited accounts and supports Outlook. Plus, Netted readers get 25% off a Pro subscription with code Netted25.

Not bad, huh?