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Article • March 1, 2017

Discover Movies to Watch Based on What You’re in the Mood For

Pick the kind of movie you're into, and Feelm finds titles that fit

There are many ways to pick a movie: draw straws, argue about it with your S.O., use something like FilmFish or Legit—but Feelm stands out because it understands how one actually picks a movie.

For example, you don’t often say “wow, I’m feeling a late ‘00s sci-fi dystopian thriller.” But you might say, “I want to inhale a pint of ice cream and watch some futuristic ruckus.” Feelm has a category for that.

Choose your mood (anything from “Futuristic Ruckus” to “Believing in Love”), and browse titles that fit it. Click one to read a description and see ratings, or add films to a watch list for later. Once you’re set up on the couch, choose “Watch Now” to see where you can view a movie online, including Netflix, Amazon, and more.

Ahh, just what you needed.