Email by EasilyDo - Email Organization App | Netted
Article • March 8, 2017

Organize Your Inbox with Swiping Gestures and Automatic Sorting

Email by EasilyDo is a smart email app for staying on top of your messages

EasilyDo has been cranking out solid productivity apps for years, and they’ve done it again with their Email app (now out for iOS and Android).

It’s the Swiss Army knife of email apps: It packs a ton of features that are sure to rescue even the most clogged of inboxes. First off, it takes a lot of the organizing out of your hands. It scans your messages (this can take some time, be patient) and sorts them into various categories like bills, travel, and entertainment. When you want to get in on the action, customizable swiping gestures make it easy to prioritize messages in your inbox.

It has a built-in unsend button for retracting mistaken messages, and it’s also great for newsletters. You can unsubscribe in one tap, and favorite ones you like (ahem, Netted) to view them all together.

Inbox zero is nice, but this is inbox nirvana.