Create the Ultimate Interactive Group Playlist - Netted
Article • March 15, 2017

Create the Ultimate Interactive Group Playlist

Make a playlist, share it with a link, and have others vote on songs with OutLoud

Steve isn’t a bad guy, but his iron fisted control over the party playlist has to stop.

Nobody likes a DJ dictator.

Embrace democracy with OutLoud, a website and app (iOS + Android) for creating shareable, collaborative playlists. Just login and connect your SoundCloud and/or Spotify premium accounts. You can then import your saved playlists, or start a new one from scratch by importing individual songs.

From there, share a link with others so they can join too, or download the app to find OutLoud playlists near you. Each person who joins can add tracks, vote on songs to determine the order, and violà, you’ve got a playlist that everyone can agree on.

If things get out of hand, the person who started the playlist can make it private, delete songs, and clear votes.

Just make sure that person isn’t Steve.