Raindrop - Web Content Organizer App | Netted
Article • March 22, 2017

Organize Links, Photos, Files, and More on All Your Devices

Raindrop lets you collect and curate your favorite stuff from across the web

Too often, the internet is like your sock drawer: Full of great things, if only you could find them.

That’s why you need Raindrop, a suite of apps and browser extensions for saving and organizing anything on the web.

And we mean anything: Save images, links, articles, videos, and more with the desktop apps, browser extensions, or mobile apps. Then, add tags to your entries for easy searching, and create Collections to sort them into groups.

All items instantly sync across devices, and clicking one opens a preview, so you can view it without opening a mess of browser tabs. For $2/month, the Raindrop Pro version gives you even more features, like autosuggested tags and 1GB of new uploads each month, so you can really save it all.

Turn that sock drawer into a treasure chest.